EVA-Film-Dedicated-to-Smart-Glass-Lamination — ASF1

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EVA film specially used for PDLC film
We supply a kind of EVA film specially used for  laminating switchable glass. The item number of it is ASF1. The most distinctive features of ASF1 is its low processing temperature and high cross  linking rate.

Lowtemperature:60℃ 20mins

High temperature :110℃ 50mins


Below is the performance index of ASF1

Cross linking rate

> 90%


< 0.3%

Adhesion with glass


Tensile strength


cross-linking rate

> 90%


> 92%

Among all laminated glass , switchable glass would cost much than others. PDLC film shrinking during laminating process is the biggest problem for switchable glass manufacturers.  PDLC film is so sensitive to heating . To solve this severe problem , we specially develop this kind of  EVA.  It could  be processed in lower temperature . Meanwhile , it still maintain high cross-linking rate and strong stability.