Transparent EVA Series — ASQ1X

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European Standard Extra Clear EVA is one of Oster’s most strong EVA films,it features as excellent sealing strength, super transmittance, excellent sunlight control system ,strong weather resistance and high cross-linking rate.


Curtain wall, Outdoor Safety glass, Guardrail glass.

(1We supply Extra clear EVA film with low haze . As we all know , transmittance and haze are two important factors to definite the transmittance properties of a transparent materials.

Please see the index as below table :




< 0.3%

Transmission – The amount of light that passes through the material without being scattered.
Haze -  The amount of light that is subject to Wide Angle Scattering.

2Please see all the other performance index as below


> 92%


< 0.3%

Cross-linking rate

> 90%

Adhesion with glass


Tensile strength


UV filtering rate


3Processing : Temperature and time setting

First section : 60℃ 20mins
Second section : 130℃ 50mins



Thickness :  0.4mm ; 0.8mm
Width :   2m , 2.2m, 2.3m ,2.4m
Length : 100m , 50m
Customized size is available for us .



1 roll is acceptable for us . What we suggest is that ordering one or two rolls at the first time for testing .  For the following orders,  one or a half container by sea would help to save much cost from your sides, that is also the way our current customers usually do .

(7) Delivery time

We have three EVA film production lines inside our factory. Daily output would be around 82800. Generally , orders will be finished within 15 days.